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DoALL Penetrator Saw Blade TiN Coated Series

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SPESIFIKASI DoALL Penetrator Saw Blade TiN Coated Series


DoALL Penetrator Saw Blade With TiN Coated Model Ordering Guide:

Metric TiN Coated Penetrator
Width Gauge 1-1,5 1,5-2 2-3 3-4 4-6 5-8
27 0,9     319-423 319-598 319-615 319-645
34 1,1     319-558 319-533 319-567 319-789
41 1,3   319-880 319-640 319-319 319-375  
54 1,6 319-071 319-070 319-327 319-085    
67 1,6 319-185   319-184      
80 1,6 319-433  


DoALL Supreme Saw Blade With TiN Coated Model Ordering Guide:

Metric TiN Coated Supreme
Width Gauge 2-3 3-4 4-6
27 0,9   319-634 319-635
34 1,1 319-656 319-658 319-346
41 1,3 319-809 319-814



Be advised that with suitable machining speed, types and flow rate of coolant will prevent the DoALL saw blade from overheating, improve precision, remove the slurry from the cut, and extend the life of the blade at the same time.

  You can also download DoALL Saw Blade catalogs here


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DoALL Penetrator Saw Blade TiN Coated Series is designed with a high speed steel tooth tips which curved and coated with “TiN” which is an extremely hard ceramic to improve the blade's surface properties when working with high tensile material with thinner or aerosol lubrication (solid iron etc.). The sawing teeth are harder compared to regular HSS model, meanwhile, the backing area of the DoALL Penetrator Saw is softer and also flexible for more resistant to cracking and breaking (which is desirable when you are working with busy queue).

Depends on your machinery set up, DoALL TiN Coated Saw Blade performs consistently balanced between power delivery to cut ratio for a cost effective job on cutting solids, corrugated and heavy wall tubing. DoALL Penetrator Saw Blade TiN Coated Series fare better in cutting speed and durability demanded when you are having an autonomous cutting system with minimal operator supervision. DoALL Penetrator TiN Coated Saw Blade is particularly suitable when you need the reliability and versatility in working with oil and gas tube, high compression chemical tube and blanks for CNC fabrication which may varies from each customer.


High Line Bi-Metal Blade For Solids & Heavy Wall Tubing