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DAndrea Capto PSC-PR (PSK) Tool Holder Blanks ISO 26623-1/2

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SPESIFIKASI DAndrea Capto PSC-PR (PSK) Tool Holder Blanks ISO 26623-1/2

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D'Andrea Capto PSC - PR (PSK) Tool Holder is devised for machine tools application of milling, boring on various lathes, machining centres and boring machines with regard for excellent quality and remarkable precision levels. D'Andrea's high value shrink fit chucks and mechanical tool holders includes monoblock rigid designs with manual tightening for the polygonal taper interface.

Alongside the existing D’Andrea MHD modular system, D'Andrea Base Holder accommodates fixed and rotary tools, and accepts all standard CAPTO/PSC adapters. Cone-style shape adds to precision and stiffness, while built-in release mechanism on outer diameter of spindle provides operator accessibility and makes it possible to lock/unlock CAPTO adapters with Allen key. In addition, automatic ejection of CAPTO adapters ensures quick tool exchanges.

Like the MHD, the PSC system comes in different sizes: PSC 40, 50, 63 and 80; the size depends on the type of machining to which it is applied and/or to the type of existing ISO 26623-1/2 couplings. The comprehensive PSC line of cones, adaptors, extensions, reductions and direct coupling tools from D’Andrea are built in accordance with ISO 26623-1/2 – and compatible with the existing MHD modular system, allowing the use of both systems on the same machine tool.

Depend on your application, each line up is composed of toolholders which are interchangeable and made of high quality material for lowest vibration and avoiding chatter. D'Andrea MONOd’The PSC line can also be used on the “Testarossa” (TRM and Elettra) tool holder and on the Monoforce and CT shrinking lines. Apart from rotating tools, the new PSC line can also be used on turning machines with a wide-ranging and complete programme with high regard to its reasonable value in general machining, civil engineering and many more.


DAndrea - Monod Monoblock DIN 69871 A Features: