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Chennai Metco Petrography Sectioning Baincut Geo

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SPESIFIKASI Chennai Metco Petrography Sectioning Baincut Geo

Chennai Metco Petrography Sectioning Baincut Geo Ordering Guide:

Specification Chennai Metco Baincut Geo
Working Area Dry and wet cutting with specimen diameter up to 90mm
  5 HP Motor, 3 Phase
Abrasive wheel Different Wheel size can be accommodated 8”/10”/12”
Operation range

X- Movement for Cross Sectioning – 50mm

Y Movement for Longitudinal Sectioning – 150mm

Ergonomic Z Movement Handle

Vice to hold normal diametric samples

Vertical Clamp for holding of Irregular shaped specimens

Double Saddle Clamp

Clamping vise Stainless Steel Platform with 8mm T Slot
 Illumination LED Lamp in the working area for clear illumination

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Chennai Metco Baincut Geo is a sturdy cutter for abrasive sectioning of rocks, ingots, ore, fossil, ceramic and and mineral samples in order to classify the information acquired during the petrographic analysis. Powered by a heavy duty 3 Phase 5 HP servo motor and fine abrasive disc, Chennai Metco Baincut Geo is suitable for thinner sectioning of layered specimen with brittle properties or rare value. Equipped with Clamping Vice, Vertical Clamp and a Double Saddle clamp, any shapes of specimen of maximum ⌀ 90 mm can be easily locked, you can have a highly predictive result and repeatable macro-surface quality with proper vice and locking set up.

Sectioning a specimen with appropriate method is the crucial step for studying the micro-structure of materials. Various surface of material with smaller sized such as: metals, fibres, plastic, ceramic and mineral samples with medium level of toughness can be examined conveninently. The aim is to get an excellent surface condition with minimal damage. Material sectioning should be done with abrasive cutter with generous amount of coolant to prevent excessive heat from frictions which may alter the microstructure and produce false metallographic characterization.

After the careful sectioning stage, detailed analysis of minerals can be further examined by using optical mineralogy, so that the micro-texture and structure can be produced. Thinner and smoother macro surface will provide a clearer quality imaging. For modern petrographic lab, Baincut Geo machine is essential with both wet and dry operation where further Electron microprobe analysis of individual grains to be examined for rock chemical analysis (atomic absorption, X-ray fluorescence, and laser-induced breakdown spectroscopy)For finer surface preparation then the next step will be grinding and polish finer abrasive particles with BAINPOL Auto PMV series, until the desired surface quality is ready and the metallographic structure of specimen can be observed and measured in detail with Vision engineering TIM5 or digitaloptical, or electron microscopy.


Chennai Metco Petrography Sectioning Baincut Geo Features: