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Chennai Metco Cold Cutting Baincut UM

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SPESIFIKASI Chennai Metco Cold Cutting Baincut UM

Chennai Metco BAINCUT-UM Ordering Guide:

Baincut UM Standard  Baincut UM Auto 
Manual sturdy table model cutter for sectioning metals, ceramics and mineral samples CNC Programmable table model cutter for sectioning metals, ceramics and mineral samples
Cutting capacity upto 80 mm Cutting Capacity up to 80 mm dia
5 HP, 3 Phase motor 5 HP motor,3 Phase Motor
Spindle speed 2800 rpm Spindle speed 2800 rpm
Cut-off wheel dia 12" Cut-off wheel dia 12”
Splash proof, corrosion resistant with see through hood Cutting action automatic (Longitudinal)
Cooling by two high flow water jets to provide optimum cooling Cooling by two high flow water jets to provide optimum cooling
Y Movement (Longitudinal sectioning Cutting Action Y Movement Automatic (Longitudinal sectioning)
One large 65mm coolant drain Z Mvement by manual mode
Inbuilt movable recirculation coolant tank with 100 ltrs capacity. Inbuilt movable recirculation coolant tank with 100 ltrs capacity.
Small opening in the side wall of the hood for sectioning extra long samples Dimension: 1100 X 1250 X 840 mm.
T Slot Bed: 260mm X 260 mm with 8 mm T-slot T slot bed: 260mm X 260mm X 260mm with 8mm T-slot
Machine Size : 850 X 1100 X 850 mm Machine Size: 850 X 1400 X 810 mm.
Stand Size : 1060x900x850 mm Stand Size: 1060 X 900 X 850 mm.

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Chennai Metco BAINCUT-UM is a sturdy tabletop model cutter for metallographic preparation by sectioning of metals, ceramic and mineral samples. It has a solid alloy casting base with recirculation coolant system. FRP hood, viewing window, cleaning hose, safety lock included for general purpose cutter. Large space in the cutting zone offers flexibility to use wide variety of fixtures. Cutting action possible by lowering the arm (Z movement ) and longitudinal table movement through cutting plane (Y - movement). Additional side movement (X - movement) option is of advantage. Lockable Z movement wheel position offers extra convenience. Suitable for variety of applications including small gears, medium sized auto components and shafts.

Sectioning a specimen with appropriate method is the crucial step for studying the micro-structure of materials. Various surface of material with smaller sized such as: metals, fibres, plastic, ceramic and mineral samples with various level of toughness can be examined conveninently. The aim is to get an excellent surface condition with minimal damage. Material sectioning should be done with abrasive cutter with generous amount of coolant to prevent excessive heat from frictions which may alter the microstructure and produce false metallographic characterization.

Your investment on Chennai Metco Baincut UM series will allow you to have a versatile cold sectioning machine for various purposes. 2 models are availabe; the Baincut UM series for manual and affordable operation, and Baincut UM-AUto with programmable cutting speed and touch-screen operation mode for highly predictable result. Furthermore, the machine also applicable with dual blade incision function, so that you can cut the middle part of each specimen. For finer samples, the next step will be grinding and polish finer abrasive particles with BAINPOL VTD until the desired surface quality is ready and the metallographic structure of specimen can be observed and measured in detail with Vision Engineering TIM5 or digital, optical or electron microscopy. With Chennai Metco, say no more to outsourcing your metallography and quality inspection. Chennai Metco also provides direct support for qualification and industrial certification regarding metallograpy inspection.


Chennai Metco Cold Cutting Baincut UM Features: