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Bowers Special Bore Measurement - SBM-Right-Angle

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SPESIFIKASI Bowers Special Bore Measurement - SBM-Right-Angle

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Bowers Special Bore Measurement - SBM-Right-Angle are devised for measuring precision bore on a system with awkward angle and inspection of larger combustion chamber where piston rings and packings should be checked prior to replacement. This clever bore gaging is operated by connecting the gaging head to the pistol grip body indicator which share the same technology with Sylvac Bore Gauge Pistol-grip Xtreme 3 Holematic BT.

The Bowers Special Bore Measurement - SBM-Right-Angle is also engineered with constant-force digital readout to ensures that the measuring pressure remains constant throughout the measurement whilst radiussed measuring anvils provide optimum centralisation in the part with maximum error of 4 µm. You can record and transmit the data to any devices, through its RS-232 or USB connectivity. The bluetooth configuration will also minimize human error and provide you a realtime and traceable measurement whenever asked by customer with the most demanding specification.

Bowers Special Bore Measurement - SBM right angle is the finest investment in measuring precision bore. The 3-point pivotal anvils is designed with interchangeable gaging heads for both versatility and improvised application. Thanks to its IP67 certified electronics, your operator can work freely in harsh environment against water, humidity, sea water moist and direct exposure of oil and coolant. This clever bore gage is highly regarded by many operator in doing routines in vertical bores, artillery barrels, hydraulic - pneumatic shaft of heavy machineries. jet valves intakes, turbochargers, refinery pipes, exhaust system, commonrail tubes on large diesel marine engine system, hollow shaft and tubes. Each packages are delivered with sets of traceable certificate for your ultimate precision and ensuring repeatability, even at hazardous working condition which usually difficult with comparable brands.


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