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Sylvac Indicator for Bore Gauge S_Dial Work CBG

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For increased simplicity of use and better performance in 2-point cylinder bore gauge measurement, Sylvac launches its new S_Dial Work CBG (Cylinder Bore Gauge). This special version for cylindrical bore gauges has an adaptive analog display of up to 0.2 µm per segment and its robust construction makes the tool both water and coolant resistant.

Advantages :

  • Preset the ring gauge by pressing the new <<PRESET MASTER>> button located on the top right
  • Bore gauge value (minimum diameter) is automatically displayed when the reversal point is reached
  • Data transmission easy and safe thanks to Bluetooth® connectivity or cable connection
  • Data management (monitoring, saving, export) thanks to our Sylcom and Vmux software
  • 4 Preset memories
  • Maximum error of 3 µm
  • The same CGB dial gauge can be used with different bore gauge

SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Indicator for Bore Gauge S_Dial Work CBG

Sylvac S_Dial Work CBG Dimensions:

Sylvac S_Dial Work CBG Dimensions


Sylvac S_Dial Work CBG Ordering Guide:

 Measuring range  mm 12.5
 Resolution  mm 0.001
 Max. Error fe  µm 3
 Repeatability  µm 2
 IP rating  IP67
 A  mm 56.7
 B  mm 66.1
 C  mm 50.5
 D  mm 36.6
 Output data Bluetooth® wireless technology / USB / RS232
 Programmable by PC

 Standard functions

 (customised by PC)

mm/inch, Preset (max 999.99)

min/max/delta, tolerances, resolution, direction of measurement, multiplication factor, automatic or manual switch off, key lock




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