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Bowers Snapmic Micrometer & Snap Indicator Gauge Series

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SPESIFIKASI Bowers Snapmic Micrometer & Snap Indicator Gauge Series

Bowers Snapmic Micrometer & Snap Gauge Series Ordering Guide:

 Code No.Range (mm)Resolution (mm)
EIM030M 0-30 0.0010,001
EIM060M 30-60 0.0010,001



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The Bowers Snapmic gage is devised specifically for quick, reliable and accurate measurement for external cylindrical workpiece of smaller diameters. Engineered as a clever combination of micrometer and a flexible snap gauge, you can now gage cylindrical workpiece on both bench top or portable by its 8 mm diameter anvils.

Bowers Snapmic is using no-maintenance spring-operated mechanism to push the avils. The measuring surfaces of Bowers Snapmic are made with precision steel contact tips mounted to ensure your repetitive accuracy at relatively faster testing time comparable to digital micrometers with ratchet and thread mechanism. Your convenient use in the workshop is further assured by its repeatability of 1µm and versatile use in the measuring room for sample measurements (bench-stand available). Each packages are delivered with sets of traceable certificate for your ultimate precision.

Your investment on Bowers Snapmic Micrometer & Snap Gauge Series will ensure your productivity and better time management in the QC process. Bowers Snapmic is highly regarded as one of the best selling precision comparator applied widely on QC, shaft-truss rod making,  trouble-free measurement of threads, splines, grooves, suspended steel wiring and many other fabrication.


Bowers SNAPMATIC Snap Gauge SPM Series Features: