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Sylvac Gauging Tool Set

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Sylvac Gauging Tool Set is devised to streamline and organize your gauging need for a handy tool with a specific bundle for inner and outer dimension routine. The Sylvac's apprentice set is introduced to answer the customer's demand towards specialized combination of caliper, dial gage, micrometer, thread pitch and radius gage for proffesional apprenticeship or personal kit within a budget.The good feature about this apprentice set is that they are offered with 12 selectable sets of calibrated metrology tool in a foam padded portable case

Features :

  • 12 selectable sets of calibrated metrology tool in a portable case

  • Case made out of rugged plastics with padded foam for shock proof portability

  • Sylvac's accuracy, warranty and reliability

  • Bluetooth connectivity for data record to smartphones and laptop within 20 meter radius

  • Afforable sets than procure it individually

  • Simplify your tool management and calibration maintenance

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