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Bowers Rivet Height Gauge DRHG001M Series

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SPESIFIKASI Bowers Rivet Height Gauge DRHG001M Series

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Bowers Rivet Height Gauge has been specially designed to measure the height of rivets used on aircraft outer body-skin. The innovative rivet-height gauge measures the total height of rivets joint in accordance to the level of the surrounding aircraft skin. You can do both for aeroplane maintenance or subsea vessel as well as flushness of welding beads. Thanks to its digital indicator, you can surely manage the acceptable tolerances to be maintained instantly within  0.003µm of repetitive accuracy.

Your investment on Bowers Rivet Height Gauge DRHG001M Series, will provides you a valuable reference measurement to help determine the streamlining of the aircraft and the consequent effects on it's aerodynamics and fuel efficiency. If the top of the rivet is too high above or too low below the level of the rivet-hole, the streamlining of the aircraft will be affected. Wind-resistance will be magnified many times depending on the number of rivets present in the outer hull of the aircraft. Bowers' Rivet gages do not require a master to setting up and you can easily set “zero” with any flat surface or block gages on top of a granite table.

Bowers Rivet Height Gauge DRHG001M is also engineered with constant-force digital readout to ensures that the measuring pressure remains constant throughout the measurement. Furthermore, you can record and transmit the data to any devices, through its RS-232 or USB connectivity. The Bluetooth configuration will also minimize human error and provide you a realtime and traceable measurement whenever asked by customer with the most demanding specification.

Each packages are delivered with sets of traceable certificate for your ultimate precision and ensuring repeatability, even at a difficult angle which usually difficult with comparable brands.


Bowers Rivet Height Gauge DRHG001M Series Features: