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Trimos Mestra Touch Height Gauge

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SPESIFIKASI Trimos Mestra Touch Height Gauge

Trimos Mestra Touch Height Gauge Dimension:


Trimos Mestra Touch Height Gauge Ordering Guide:

Mestra/Mestra-Touch   300 600 1000
Measuring range mm (in) 305 (12) 610 (24) 1016 (40)
With second probe holder mm (in) 567 (22) 872 (34) 1278 (50)
Max. permissible errors µm 1.2 + L(mm)/1000
Repeatability (2s) µm 0.5 (Ø:1)
Resolutions mm 0.01/0.001/0.0001
Manual carriage displacement speed mm/s 1000
Motorized carriage displacement speed mm/s 150
Measuring force (adjustable) N 0.5 + 1.8
Frontal squareness deviation µm 4 6 10
Autonomy h >8
Interfaces   2 x RS232 C et 2 x USB (A et B)
Operational temperature °C +10 ÷ +40
Temperature of storage °C -10 ÷ +40
Weight kg 22 25 29


Values valid with ball probe TA-MI-119 at temperature of 20 ± 0.5°C and relative humidity of 50 ± 5 %.

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Trimos Mestra Touch Height Gauge is optimized to determine the height of objects, or for marking of items to be worked on shop-floor situations where accuracy, repeatability and versatility are needed. The Trimos Supreme levels of accuracy are patented and further assured by its frictionless motorised probing system which offer extremely high contact stability and compensate for temperature change to minimize human error within a recordable force of measurement.

The Trimos Mestra Touch Height Gauge is available on two selectable model; "Mestra" and "Mestra-Touch". The user friendly menu on "Mestra" display unit of heights, depths, diameters and centerline distances, squareness deviation, angles and tolerance limits indication. Meanwhile, the "Mestra-Touch" offers a colour touch screen and functions such as the 2-coordinate system, programming of measuring sequences, statistical analysis of memorized values and display of environment. Its USB connection is highly versatile for various application range from a simple measuring sequence to a more complex automation inspection line.

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