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Sylvac Digital Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 SMART

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Digital Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 SMART

Sylvac Hi_Cal Height Gauge Dimension:

Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 dimensions


Sylvac Hi_Cal Height Gauge Ordering Guide:


    830.0156 830.0306 830.0456
 Measuring range  mm 150 300 450
 Application range  mm 0 - 155 0 - 320 0 - 470
 Max error  µm 2.5 + L / 1751)
 Repeatability  µm 2
 Resolution  mm 0.01 / 0.001
 Velocity  mm/s 50/100
 Measuring force  N 0.2 - 0.3 
 Self-contained use  h >40
 Height  mm 379 529 679
 Weight  kg 3.9 4.6 6.8
 Weight of the standard probe 7.5g, possibility of using 0-15g or 10-25g 2) probes
 Output data USB / RS232 / Bluetooth® 3)
 Programmable by PC
 Zero setting 
 Min / Max / Delta
 2 references
 Height measurement, Ø and centerlines
 2 types of progressive speed 

1) With standard probe, in laboratory conditions

2) Sylvac cables. See accessories category

3) See cables chapter




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Sylvac's series of digital height gauges are specially optimized for versatile measurement for both production lines and QC lab. The highly practical Sylvac Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 SMART offers 2 µm repetitive accuracy with a great efficiency by eliminating hands-on probe interpolation as with Vernier height gauges. Its large screen can simultaneously display diameters and centerlines, reducing the need for other guaging instruments such as transfer gauges that are more costly and less practical. You can also use its motorised probe to interpolate and send the measurement data easily though RS232-USB connection for traceable record or further stastistical analysis on spreadsheet.

Sylvac Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 SMART will allow you to unlock higher levels of precision for various applications. Compared to other brands, the programable measuring sequences of Sylvac Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 SMART offers great comfort during the measurement of small diameters. The impressive versatility of Sylvac Height Gauge Hi_Cal is highly regarded by many end users in calibration labs, precision tool and jig making, auto-industry and defense-military industry as well. You can also use this device for improvised gauging rig with Sylvac's gaging multiplexer software.

However, if you are looking for a height gauge of a much higher range, you might also want to consider Trimos Height Gauge V6 or Sylvac Digital Height Gauge Hi_Gage ONE for manual height gaging. If you are also considering in-house capabilities to maintain your height gauge's accuracy on daily routines, you can also order this Swiss-made digital height gauge together with precision gauge blocks.

Sylvac Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 SMART Features:

Sylvac Height Gauge Hi_Cal V2 SMART Benefits:

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