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Bowers Analogue Bore Gauge SXTA Sets - Metric

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SPESIFIKASI Bowers Analogue Bore Gauge SXTA Sets - Metric

Bowers Analogue Bore Gauge SXTA Sets - Metric Series Ordering Guide:

 Code No.Range (mm)
SXTA1M 2-3
SXTA2M 3-6
SXTA3M 6-10
SXTA4M 10-20
SXTA5M 20-50
SXTA6M 50-100
SXTA7M 100-150
SXTA8M 150-200


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Bowers Analogue Bore Gauge - Sets are optimized for economical bore measurement with repetitive precision on medium range of bore. Built to coform with DIN 863 Standard, the Bowers Analogue Bore Gauge - Sets - Metric are providing accurate displays suitable within repeatabilty of 4 µm. Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge SXTL has a practical ergonomic action with swift mechanism on its thimble and precision internal thread to ensure the correct interpolation.

Your investment on this highly efficient gages will allow you to work on either for bore gauging under shop-floor conditions. Equipped with Tungsten carbide measuring anvils, the extended mechanical travel of these advanced two or three point gauges ensures that exchanging measuring anvils is now unnecessary. Thanks to its wide application range of 2-300mm with rugged construction and easy to read Vernier scale, you can have the finest hand tools to gage bore in any given angle. In addition, the XT measuring heads and setting rings are supplied with UKAS certification for quality inspection and adds up the versatility of workpiece that you can work with.


Bowers Analogue Bore Gauge SXTA Sets - Metric Series Features: