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Bowers Bore Gauging On Bench Mounted System SBM-Bench

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SPESIFIKASI Bowers Bore Gauging On Bench Mounted System SBM-Bench

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The Bowers SBM-Bench is devised as a reliable bore gauging center which are highly accurate and give the operator greater speed in daily routines. The unmatched measuring accuracy and superb repeatability, especially in harsh shop-floor environments are further supported by high-accuracy gauging system for 24/7 operation with zero drift, allowing extended periods between recalibration and removing all operator influence. The highly repetitive Bowers SBM-Bench eliminate human error in interpolating the measurement of master rings, lightweight bores and many more workpiece which previously require a timely set up and operator's steady hands to do so.

The innovative The Bowers SBM-Bench offer the best investment value by its high accuracy probe, speed controlled pneumatic actuator and all steel gauge body construction for temperature stability. The versatile nature of Bowers SBM-Bench is introduced by interchangeable measuring heads with high accuracy squaring collars and ceramic measuring anvils. Super hard and low friction coatings utilised on internal workings for high volume 24/7 capability. This high volume gauge can also be supplied with easy to read electronic indicators (ideal for automatic data collection), conventional analogue indicators, or transducer probes linked to remote digital readout units.


Bowers Bore Gauging On Bench Mounted System SBM-Bench Features: