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Bowers Digital Bore Gauge Special SBM-Spherical-2P

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SPESIFIKASI Bowers Digital Bore Gauge Special SBM-Spherical-2P

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Bowers Digital Bore Gauge Special SBM-Spherical-2P Series are optimized for measuring precision bore on fast paced production line, under laboratory of either manual or fully automated system. The Bowers Bore gauges manufactured according to DIN 863, part 4 to accurately displays resolutions up to 0.0001mm. The clever bore gage is engineered with precision ratchet stop mechanism to ensure consistent force with incredible repeatability eventhough the interpolation were done by different operator.

The Bowers Ultima body introduce a practical lever operation and faster gaging result by its digital screen. Thanks to its 2 point "touching" anvils, Bowers Ultima Bore Gauge - Sets offer higher accuracy than conventional air micrometer on measuring grooves, threads, splines, deep-bores, internal cladding or weld and many more.

Your investment in Bowers Digital Bore Gauge Special SBM-Spherical-2P will be paid off quickly as you can now working with higher precision project as in vertical bores, pipes, cylindrical exhaust system and inner tubes with busy queue. Each packages are delivered with sets of traceable certificate for your ultimate precision.


Bowers Digital Lever Bore Gauge XTL Series Features: