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Behringer Manual Circular Saw Machine Eisele VMS Series

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SPESIFIKASI Behringer Manual Circular Saw Machine Eisele VMS Series

BEHRINGER Vertical circular saw VMS's technical Data

The Behringer VMS 370A integrated with an automatic feeding unit to provide full automation functionality for improved cycle time and efficient use of material. Convenient set up towards the length of cut and number of pieces is enabled by the control unit keypad and user friendly LCD display

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Classic Manual Circular saw for single cuts VMS 300 / VMS 350 / VMS 370


Behringer Vertical circular saw VMS offers simple handling and solid performance for single cuts - the trademarks of the VMS manual vertical circular saw series. Behringer Vertical circular saw VMS is the only reasonable investment that could deliver you both reliability and faster return of investment on cutting various range of work-piece. The Behringer typical is versatile, require minimal maintenance and achieve higher rate of accuracy so that you can have larger amount of cuts and lesser amount of swarf. The relentless performance made the resale value of any used Behringer machinery fare better than other makers, but then why would you want to sell it?.

Behringer Vertical circular saw VMS first model were launched in 1957 and have been sold for 250,000 units worldwide. Behringer Vertical circular saw is a true all-rounders tubes, profiles and solids. Available as a manual variant with manually actuated saw feed or semi-automatic with hydropneumatic or hydraulic feed and quick-clamping device.

The heart of the Behringer PSU saw unit is the worm gear unit with EISELE shock-absorbing feature, produced in-house. It is heavy duty and provides for a smooth, low-vibration running of the saw, which, of course, has a positive impact on the quality of the cutting surface and the blade life.


Behringer Circular Saw Eisele VMS 300 Features: