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Behringer Circular Saw Machine For Bent Pipes PSU Series

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SPESIFIKASI Behringer Circular Saw Machine For Bent Pipes PSU Series

Behringer PSU 450 GS / PSU 450 GS dynamic

Behringer Model     PSU 450 GS PSU 450 GS
cutting area max.
Rectangular 90° [mm] based on
based on
Rectangular 45° [mm]
Rectangular 30° [mm]
Square 90° [mm]
Quadrat 45° [mm]
Square 30° [mm]
Round 90° [mm]
Round 45° [mm]
Round 30° [mm]
Sawblade diameter standard [mm] 450 450
Motor power [kW] 3,0 / 3,6 7,0
RPM [min-1] 6 / 12 / 24 / 48 6 - 70
RPM optional [min-1] 12 / 24 / 48 / 96 12 / 24 / 48 / 96
Weight about [kg] 1100 1100


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The Behringer PSU series the reliable specialist in the sawing of bent pipes

Investment in new Behringer machinery will hugely affecting how your business deliver the desired output. Whether to improve or start new fabrication system of clients with world's ultimate requirements, Behringer PSU series give you the overall of lower cutting cost, ease of use, lesser manpower and spartan consistency due to innovative design and quality built. The relentless performance also made the resale value of any used Behringer machinery fare better than other makers, but then why would you want to sell it?

When it comes to sawing bent pipes such as boiler pipes, sound absorber, hydroforming or exhaust pipes, the  PSU 450 GS is the outright specialist. The use of standardized fixtures and the level material table are designed to accommodate individual workpiece fixtures on which the saw entry and exit point can be freely adjusted and manually handled as required. With two-handed operation as standard, convenient, safe working is possible without the need for obstructive mechanical safeguards. The PSU 450 GS is equipped with NC control and a proportional control valve for dynamic feed regulation. Reduced entry and exit speeds can improve the cut finish particularly when sawing thin-walled pipes and profiles. All the sawing parameters can be conveniently entered in the operating terminal. Behringer PSU series will help your business in tackling any jobs which previously requires operator with high level of craftmanship.

Behringer PSU 450 GS for moderate queue of 3,6 kW motor power 

Production High-Performance Circular Saw, especially designed for cutting bent tubes Behringer PSU features:

Behringer PSU 450 GS dynamic for busy queue with motor power of up to 7,0 kW

Designed on the basis of the PSU 450 GS and enhanced by the following features: