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MEP Shark 332-1 CCS Manual Bandsaw

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(62) 778 408 6403


SPESIFIKASI MEP Shark 332-1 CCS Manual Bandsaw

300 mm 260 mm 330 x 250 mm
+ 45° 260 mm 250 mm 260 x 200 mm
+ 60° 180 mm 170 mm 170 x 170 mm
- 45° 240 mm 210 mm 240 x 160 mm
Max. vice opening 335 mm
Band size 3650 x 27 x 0.9 mm
Blade motor power 1.5 / 1.8 kw - Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 40 / 80 m/min - 2 Speeds
Machine Dimensions 2140mm x 1200mm
Machine Weight 640Kg


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The MEP Shark 332-1 CCS (Cut Control System) is a manual pulldown bandsaw machine with two way mitring from -45° to +60°, which has a hydraulic circuit with a control valve for downfeed allowing the machine to work without the operator. Featuring a capacity of 330mm x 260mm.


Functioning of the CCS cycle: after positioning the bar and closing the vice, the cutting phase is started, using the weight of the saw head controlled by a hydraulic braking circuit to adjust the feeding speed; after the cut, the saw head is manually lifted till the position needed for the bar to be fed.


Features of MEP Shark 332-1 CCS Manual Bandsaw

Cast-Iron Structure

Cast-iron structure of the saw head, cutting table and vice to absorb vibrations during the cut and ensure longer blade life.


Hard Metal Blade-Guide Pads

Adjustable and extremely wear-resistant hard metal blade-guide pads that ensure longer blade life and cutting stability.


CSS Cutting System

The CCS system allows to perform single cuts without operator. Saw head down feed rate by gravity: the cutting of the material is executed in automatic mode once the operator starts the cycle.