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MEP PH 262 Manual Bandsaw

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(62) 778 408 6403


SPESIFIKASI MEP PH 262 Manual Bandsaw

225 mm 200 mm 240 x 160 mm
+ 45° 160 mm 140 mm 155 x 115 mm
+ 60° 90 mm 90 mm 90 x 90 mm
- 45° 145 mm 125 mm 150 x 100 mm
Max. vice opening 245 mm
Band size 2450 x 27 x 0.9 mm 
Blade motor power 0.7 / 0.81 kw - Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 46 / 92 m/min - 2 Speeds
Capacity of coolant tank 15 L
Height of working table 950 mm


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PH 262, manual pull-down band sawing machine to cut metals mitering from -45° to +60°, also available in the HB (Hydraulic Brake) version to perform, in addition to manual cutting, even single cuts without operator.


The HB device allows to perform single cuts without operator intervention by using the operating head weight controlled by an hydraulic circuit and valve. The HB device can be provided as a KIT to install in already manufactured machines. HB device is available only in three-phase version. 


Features of MEP PH 262 Manual Bandsaw

  • Structure in grey cast iron g25, reducing drastically vibrations, and longer blade life.
  • Wide working surface granting a perfect working condition and safety; turning table integral with saw head to cut at any angles without damaging the working surface.
  • Sliding vice with sideways movement and fast positioning system.
  • Electrical board with entirely identifiable wiring, stand-by, main switch with lock, short circuit protection, motor overload cutout, min. voltage coil, low voltage system 24 V.
  • Control handle IP55.
  • Driving pulley locked with clamp ring to ensure a strong fastening.
  • Blade-guide heads with 6 Carbide pads instead of bearings to ensure a better stability.
  • Fixed stops at - 45°, 0°, +45°, +60° with locking lever to lock the saw head.
  • Saw head pivot point with preloaded tapered bearings.
  • Electric pump for the band lubrication and cooling.
  • Brush band-cleaning device.
  • Bi-metal band saw blade for solids and profles.
  • Instructions manual and spare parts list.