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Widia Victory Carbide Turning Inserts For Universal Roughing (UR)

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SPESIFIKASI Widia Victory Carbide Turning Inserts For Universal Roughing (UR)

Widia Victory Carbide Turning Inserts For Universal Roughing (UR) Application Guide:

Material Application Machining Solution Widia Victory Carbide Turning Inserts
High temperature turning Grade
  • PVD-coated carbide grades for machining high-temp materials
  • Post-coat treatment helps achieve higher metal removal rates and long predictable tool life
  • Excellent for wet interrupted turning applications
  • High-temp grades include WS10PT (S05-S15) and WS25PT (S20-S30)
Cast Iron Grade
  • CVD-coated carbide grades for cast iron machining
  • Use for finishing and medium machining of cast and ductile irons
  • Post-coat treatment means excellent coating adhesion and edge toughness
  • Superb for wet interrupted turning applications
  • Cast iron grades include WK05CT (K05-K10) and WK20CT (K10-K30)
- See more at: http://www.widia.com/en/featured/victory-solid-carbide-turning-inserts.html#sthash.Ia63ihEm.dpuf
Steel & Stainless Stell Grades
  • For finishing, and medium and rough machining of alloyed and unalloyed steels
  • Higher cutting speed capability for more productivity
  • Ideal for all carbon and alloyed steel materials
  • Steel grades include WP15CT (P10-P15); WP25CT (P20-P30); and WP35CT (P30-P40)
  • Stainless steel grades WM15CT (M10-M15); WM25CT (M20-M30); and WM35CT (M30-M40)

- See more at: http://www.widia.com/en/featured/victory-solid-carbide-turning-inserts.html#sthash.Ia63ihEm.dpuf


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WIDIA O.D. and I.D. Turning/High Performance Inserts/WIDIA Victory Carbide Inserts

Widia Victory Carbide Turning Inserts For Universal Roughing (UR) offer Integral turning and grooving for any ISO based tool holders on any lathe operation. The complete package from Widia will let you venture on the most efficient machining set up by means of tweaking the “sweet spot” for difficult-to-machine materials like Inconel and Rene in complex aerospace applications or cobalt-chromes and high-alloy stainless steels in precise medical applications.

Widia's latest approach on Victory FS geometry is introduced by a ground, high positive design which best used in finishing tasks where surface finish and minimizing part deflection are critical. Precision grinding, proprietary nose geometry, and optimized edge treatment result in an insert that retains its high-quality cutting edge with minimal heat generation and good chip breaking at finishing parameters. Its high rake angle reduces cutting forces and also reduces built-up edge.

Furthermore, The Widia –FS is available in WS10PT, a high-performance PVD grade. This grade utilizes a two-layer coating that increases coating integrity and reduces depth-of-cut notching, increasing productivity and dependability. All inserts in the WS10PT grade undergo a post-coat treatment to increase compressive stress and improve edge toughness. This delays built-up edge and results in longer tool life. WS10PT is available in other geometries including the UR geometry.

Widia's Universal Roughing (UR) geometry is specifically designed to increase roughing and medium turning performance in stainless steels and steel workpieces. Its unique chip breaker and rake profile design without inflection points breaks up stringers without concentrating cutting forces that result in breakage on Stainless Steel material. Its positive rake angle further reduces cutting forces while improving depth of cut notching resistance. Together with a multi-layer coating with a ZrCN top coat for both extended performance and improved wear identification, the result is the ability to increase speeds or feed rates efficiently, increasing productivity and reducing cycle times.

Your investment on Widia insert will allow you to work smarter on various turning application. The Widia WP15CT insert type is universally applicable on all finishing, medium machining and light roughing steel operations, wet or dry, interrupted and non-interrupted. WP25CT is best applicable on all medium to light roughing operations, wet or dry on interrupted and non-interrupted cuts.WP35CT is the best choice on all roughing and heavy roughing jobs, also wet or dry, interrupted or non-interrupted. These new grades also feature the ZrCN top coating and proprietary post-coat treatment that reduces friction and improves edge toughness as well as functioning as an excellent wear indicator to achieve finer surface finishes, and long, reliable tool life.


Widia Victory Carbide Turning Inserts For Universal Roughing (UR) Features: