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Widia TopGroove Tool holders

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Turning/Grooving and Cut-Off/TopGroove™ Toolholders

Widia TopGroove Toolholders is the perfect bar peeler holder to achieve threading and grooving productivity by its TopGroove clamping design. Previously known as Widia Machester brand, the performance of this system has been optimized with the addition of new insert geometries and the expansion of Carbide grade offering. Perfect for shallow grooving operations, the WIDIA TopGroove clamping system provides a complete line of grooving geometries and an extensive grade selection.

Your investment on WIDIA™ Tool's clever designs, will allows your company to works with higher feed rates as during the bar peeling process of scales, cracks, and debris enclosures are creating lesser vibrations and lower heat unlike no other. TopGroove inserts employ a unique top rake chip control geometry that efficiently evacuates chips and produces better quality parts, faster than ever before. Utilize this comprehensive, easy-to-use guide for the information necessary to identify, choose, and select the appropriate cutting tools for your specific needs. Furthermore, PDF catalog on metric can be downloaded here and on inches here (103 MB)


Widia TopGroove Tool Holders Features:

  • Groove depth, width, and profile for almost every range of metal material being machined.
  • Suitable for various application to be performed (face, OD, or ID grooving).
  • Compatible with the mainstream toolholder requirements (e.g., KM™, Erickson™, square shank, right/left).



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here and on inches here (103 MB)


Widia TopGroove Tool Holders Features: