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Widia Spade Blade Straight Flute Taper Shank DIN4000-86 Series

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SPESIFIKASI Widia Spade Blade Straight Flute Taper Shank DIN4000-86 Series

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Widia Spade Blade Straight Flute Short Series were designed with indexable insert and one point torx key locking. Engineered with shorter body type, made this drill suitable spade drill bit for metal. Compared to conventional drilling wth solid cutter, the spade design offer  efficient drilling tool with superior finish, as they are consists of two parts – holder and inserts. The inserts come in various sizes that range from Ø17,53 to Ø47,75 mm). There are 3 selectable lenght of shank available; short (up to 8,75 mm), medium  (12,75), long (8,72mm) and extra long (25,51mm).

The tool holder are capable of cutting to a depth of about 10 times the bit diameter. With compatible chucks, Widia's SPade blade type of drill bit can also be used to make stepped holes. to ream holes on cast iron, chamfer and HSS cobalt for stainless steel. This drill produces higher toughness and aggresive metal removal needed on working on high speed, while maintaining lower temperature thanks to its internal cooling channel. Direct spindle cooling is preferable when using WIDIA™ Spade Blades. If spindle cooling is unavailable, then coolant glands or inducers should be used to provide through coolant capabil

Your investment on Widia Spade Blade Straight Flute Series, will allow to work with specific geometries which are also available with reinforced cutting edges and a steep chipbreaker for steel, cast iron, and short-chipping materials, or an optimized chip groove for stainless steel, long-chipping steels, and where low power consumption is required. Furthermore, this drill will allow you to reduce cost by eliminating the need for center dex tool to plunge and finish bore the hole straight and to size.


Widia Spade Blade Straight Flute Series DIN4000-86 Features :