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Widia ROTAFLEX™ Boring Systems Twin Cut RFX Series

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SPESIFIKASI Widia ROTAFLEX™ Boring Systems Twin Cut RFX Series

Widia ROTAFLEX™ Boring Systems Twin Cut RFX Series Ordering Guide:

order numbercatalog numberBR1 bore rangeL1CSMS system sizekg
3861179 RFX185TCHS022030 22,500-30,000 27,7 RFX185 0,20
3861180 RFX245TCHS030039 30,000-39,000 37,7 RFX245 0,20
3861181 RFX320TCHS039050 39,000-50,000 48,7 RFX320 0,50
3861182 RFX420TCHS050067 50,000-67,000 68,2 RFX420 1,00
3861183 RFX550TCHS067088 67,000-88,000 90,7 RFX550 2,00
3861184 RFX720TCHS088115 88,000-115,000 113,7 RFX720 4,00


PDF catalog on metric can be downloaded here and on inches here (103 MB)


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Widia ROTAFLEX™ Boring Systems Twin Cut RFX Series are devised to machine broad assortment of workpiece materials with both roughing and precision finishing heads. Thanks to its highest feed rates among smaller-diameter indexable drills on the market, Widia ROTAFLEX is a single system for both roughing and fine-finishing operations over a broad diameter range — 6 mm to 520 mm (.236 in. to 20.4 in.) with enhanced pocket seat design for both ISO metric and imperial standard. 

Your investment on Widia ROTAFLEX™ Boring Systems Twin Cut RFX Series, will help you to work with easier set up. The new RFX coupling system is one major feature that is improved with the new Rotaflex.  You no longer requires torque flats to disassemble. Instead, the new RFX coupling system features a bayonet-style coupling system that ensures cylinder face contact and better transmits torque forces. Two radial screws for clamping permit preloading the coupling and allow rotation in both directions. Standard insert pocket seats allow use of the industry-leading WIDIA carbide grades for higher running speeds.

Furthermore, the very stable KM-TS™ coupling and the newly developed RFX™ coupling are applicable to almost every machine spindle, provide easy assembly and disassembly, and extremely stable operation. Because of the new ROTAFLEX system upgrades, up to 20% higher feed rates are possible in rough machining applications due to less vibration, resulting in increased machine tool productivity and longer intervals between scheduled maintenance.

The new micro-adjustable cartridges for the ROTAFLEX system possess a proprietary radial adjustment mechanism that permits radial adjustment without affecting axial insert position. Higher hole-finishing accuracy and easier adjustment are the results. Metalworking professionals seeking one system for both roughing and fineboring applications for a large diameter at an attractive price/performance ratio will benefit from these new ROTAFLEX features.


Widia ROTAFLEX™ Boring Systems Twin Cut RFX Features :