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WIDIA Victory™ M1200 Body Mini Series

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SPESIFIKASI WIDIA Victory™ M1200 Body Mini Series

WIDIA's  Victory™ M1200 Mini Series feature:





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WIDIA Victory™ platform of advanced milling, turning, and holemaking tools, are devised to help you working in steels, stainless steels, high-strength steels, cast irons, and now even non-ferrous materials. In addition to the hugely successful M1200 face-milling range, the M1200HF™ (High Feed) face-milling system and M1200 Mini™ now extend the series.

M1200HF (High Feed) is a unique tooling solution that accepts standard M1200 HN .09 inserts already available today, but by utilizing machining science to incorporate a chip-thinning effect, can achieve extraordinary metal removal. The clever design allows for feed rates of up to 14X higher feed per tooth versus even our high-performing standard M1200. With 12 cutting edges, the WIDIA Victory M1200 series offers many cutting edges per insert, which all perform at higher speeds and feeds while achieving lower power consumption due to superior design versus other double-sided platforms available today.

The M1200 Mini offers the same 12 cutting edges and higher performance results of the M1200 series but in a smaller size (up to 3.5 mm maximum depth of cut). Extremely capable in aerospace, transportation, and general engineering applications, the M1200 Mini offers easier cutting at higher speeds – more metal removal at lower power consumption.

WIDIA's  Victory™ M1200 Mini Series feature:


The carbide coating grade are as follows:

  • TN5515
  • Coated carbide grade TN5515 has an MT-CVD-TiN-TiCN-Al203 coating. Engineered for a balanced toughness and wear ratio. Ideal for light to medium machining of all cast irons.

  • TN6510
  • Coated carbide grade TN6510 has a PVD-TiAlN multilayer. It performs well in light to medium machining of all cast irons.

  • TN6520
  • Grade TN6520 has a PVD-TiAlN multilayer. It is engineeered for light and medium machining of all types of cast irons.

  • TN6525
  • Carbide grade TN6525 has aPVD-TiAlN multilayer. It is ideal for light and medium machining applications in steels and high-strength nodular cast irons.

  • TN6540
  • Coated carbide grade TN6540 has a PVD-TiAlN multilayer and is excellent for medium and heavy machining applications. It is ideal for use in all steels and nodular cast irons.