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WIDIA GP Solid Carbide End Mills

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SPESIFIKASI WIDIA GP Solid Carbide End Mills

WIDIA VariMill™ GP End Mills

Click here for detailed technical specification. 

Click here for detailed technical specification. 


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Solid End Mills/High-Performance Solid Carbide End Mills/H/P Solid Carbide • VariMill™

Widia's VariMill GP offers plunging, slotting, and profiling for a wide range of materials and applications. Widia's VariMill GP are designed for either rouhing or finishing work which features high metal removal rates and good surface conditions at a value price. Widia's VariMill GP offers variety range of diameters, lengths, and corner styles (such as chamfered, sharp edge, and ball nose). Though primarily designed for roughing and finishing applications in the aerospace industry, VariMill II ER tools can be used as a solution for any titanium or stainless steel machining and are capable of slotting, ramping, and plunging.

Widia's VariMill GP Eccentric relief are availabe on both 2 flute for high flexibility in unstable conditions and 4 flute for higher metal removal rates and prolonged tool life. Widia's VariMill GP is developed to answer your needs of versatility, compact inventory and economical. Like the VariMill II, VariMill II ER end mills have the eccentric relief (ER) available with this new tool’s cutting edges provides greater edge strength and enables high feeds and metal removal rates.

The VariMill II ER end mill has a different taper core than VariMill I and II for increased stability and robust performance, and also differs from its predecessors in that it is designed for center cutting. VariMill II ER also is the first off-the-shelf tool to offer SAFE-LOCK™ by Haimer, which provides excellent stability, eliminates pull-out risk, and makes the tool more stable and concentric, overall. SAFE-LOCK is available on tools >1/2" (12mm) in diameter.

WIDIA GP Solid Carbide End Mills Features: