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Sylvac Depth Gauge S_Depth EVO BT TJ

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Sylvac Depth Gauge S_Depth EVO BT TJ is the only depth gauge with versatile application for improved accuracy with or without fixture stand. The device can automatically switch direction when measuring. Using cylindrical or spherical anvils, the device can the constant for measurement. There are additional bases available in the market. The device uses a battery with a battery life of 5000 hours. TJ = Two fixed jaws.

Features :

  • Integrated Bluetooth® Smart data transmission
  • Digital depth gauge S_Depth EVO BT TJ (two fixed contacts) 500/100mm
  • Special depth gauge with bridge 100mm and clamping screw
  • Programmable button according to your needs
  • Water protected IP67
  • Automatic wake-up by moving the electronic on his frame
  • Position memorized in sleeping mode, Absolute System S.I.S*
  • Maximum speed of displacement : 2.5 m/sec
  • Mechanical frame in stainless steel, hardened and grinded

Benefits :

  • Measures internal and external using its preset function
  • Applicable for combination and inspection with jigs & fixture
  • Automation inspection, pipe and valve quality control
  • Autting alignment, measure vertical or horizontally relieved workpiece

SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Depth Gauge S_Depth EVO BT TJ

Sylvac Depth Gauge S_Depth BT TJ Dimensions:

Sylvac Depth Gauge S_Depth BT TJ dimensions


Sylvac Depth Gauge S_Depth EVO BT TJ Ordering Guide:


    812-1601 812-1603 812-1605
 Measuring range  mm 200 300 500
 Max error  µm 30 30 50
 Resolution   mm 0.01
 A  mm 300 400 600
 B   mm 12 x 4
 Output data Bluetooth® wireless technology
 Functions Zero setting, Preset (max 999.99), mm/inch, Hold, Data
 Smart Inductive Sensor

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