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Sylvac Bluetooth® USB Dongle

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Bluetooth® USB Dongle

Sylvac Bluetooth® USB Dongle Ordering Guide:

 Coupled instruments per module  8
 Automatic detection of instrument 
 Instruments and software compatibility  D300S & Sylconnect & Vmux
 Transmission distance 1)  m 15

1) 1 module per instrument is required when used with SylConnect (up to 8 modules)   

 Confirmation of transmission OK/KO 
 Attribution of the addresses of the modules by software 
 Software interfaces and configuration menu 
 Transmission distance 1)  m 200

1) with large antenna

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Sylvac Bluetooth® USB Dongle is devised for transmitting the results of measured instruments to multiplexer devices, display monitors or programmable settings on computers. With connection and software abilities, Sylvac’s devices transform into even more precise, efficient, and productive machines. Depending on your arrangement of testing rig, the Sylvac Bluetooth® USB Dongle has two different models for both long-distance (over 20 meter of interactions) and short distance applications of under 20 meter.

Sylvac Bluetooth® USB Dongle is compatible with the newest caliper and dial indicator lineup by Sylvac for data acquisition systems. The Bluetooth dongle is also available with RS-232 port for application with non-Sylvac products such as Bowers, Moore & Wright, Kafer, Trimos and many more. The wireless transmission is divided into two different types; Bluetooth® and S_Connect Wireless Transmission.


Sylvac Bluetooth® - Wireless Transmission [981.7100] features:


Sylvac S_Connect - Wireless Transmission [926.5110] features: