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Shimpo Tachometer DT-10x Series

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SPESIFIKASI Shimpo Tachometer DT-10x Series

Shimpo Tachometer DT-10x Series Ordering Guide:

  DT - 105A DT - 107A
Measuring Range 0.10 1 25,000 RPM with floating decimal

±0.06 RPM : 0.10 - 999.9 RPM
±0.6 RPM : 1,000.0 - 9,999.9 RPM
±0.006 % of reading ± 1 digit (or 2 RPM max) : 10,000 - 25,000 RPM

Display 5 digit 0.47" (12mm) high LCD 5 digit 0.4" (10mm) high LED
Measuring Units Revolutions: RPH, RPM                        Feet: FPH, FPM                   Miles: MPH
Yards: YPH. YPM                                 Inches: IPM                       Meters: mPH, mPM
Length: m, cm, inches, feet, yards        Total Revolutions: REV
Memory 13 readings are stored in memory and retained for 5 minutes (last, max., min. and 10 extra measurements)
Display Update Time 1 second (typical)
Detection Optical coupler, 60 pulses/rev.
System Control Single-chip C-MOS microprocessor
Over Range Indicator Flashing numerals
Voltage Requirement 2AA 1.5V batteries
Low Battery Indicator Flashing "LO BAT" display "B" display
Auto Power Shut-Off Yes
Battery Life 45 - 60 hrs approx. 25 hrs approx.
Operating Temperature Range 32° - 113° F (0 - 45° C)
Decimal Point Floating
Construction Die-cast aluminum housing
Weight 0.9lb (400g)
Dimensions 7.2" L x 2.4" W x 1.8" H (182.5mm x 60mm x 46mm)
Warranty 1 year
Standard Accessories 2 cone adaptors, 1 funnel adaptor, 1 3-1/2" extension shaft, (NIST certificate), carrying case, 1 master wheel (6" cir.)
Optional Accessories Wire/yarn fixture, cone adaptor, funnel adaptor, extension shaft, 6" measuring wheel, 12" measuring wheel

 When the speed of High Speed targeted item, length measurement is to be done, it is recommended that 12Model Foil may be used.



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Shimpo Tachometer DT-10x is devised by Nidec-Shimpo as a durable tachometer with the convenience of handheld portability. You can perform a non-contact basis testing from a position separated from the center of rotation of the object to be measured. Values can be converted and displayed in various units such as rpm, m, yards, feet, and inches. The LCD can display a five-digit value with a digit height of 12 mm. In addition to measured values, units and other information can be displayed. It can store maximum, minimum, and last-measured values plus 10 other measurements.

Shimpo Tachometer DT-10x Series are commonly used in measuring actual lathe torque on threading and turning, machining velocity, rate of inflation, quality inspection on electric motors, maintenance and many more.

All Shimpo Tachometer DT-10x Series are supplied as a complete kit including the tachometer, reflective tape, screw-in contact adapter, 2 cone tips, funnel tip, shaft extension, surface speed wheel, two AA batteries and an operating instruction manual - all supplied in a foam-fitted carrying case.


Shimpo Tachometer DT-10x Series features: