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Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35

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SPESIFIKASI Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35

Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35 Ordering Guide:

Item Unit RF-35
Main Motor HP 1.5
Speed 1 Speed Motor
rpm 60Hz 340~3000
50Hz 300~2600
2 Speed Motor
rpm 60Hz 170~3000
50Hz 145~2600
Taper   MT3
Stroke mm 130
Travel of Spindle Head mm 380
Dimension of Base mm -
Table Size mm 550 x 500
Column Diameter mm Ø115
T-slots Size mm 16 x 26
Cross Travel mm 380
Packing Dimensions mm
(L x W x H)
610 x 890 x 160 (Machine)
965 x 800 x 203 (Stand)
Machine Weight NW/GW 250 / 280 kgs (Machine)
35 / 36 kgs (Stand)
550 / 614 lbs
No. of Machines
Packed in 20” container
20' 36 sets (with stand)
52 sets (w / o stand)


Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35 Application Guide:


In Mild Steel


Drilling 32mm (1 1/4")
Face Mill 76mm(3")
End Mill 20mm(3/4")
(Optional) Tapping 16mm(5/8")
In Light Allioy   32mm(1 1/4")


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Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35 is a mini radial arm drill press optimized for lightweight application. Its geared head drill press in which the head can be moved with along its cast iron arm that radiates from the machine's column. As it is possible to swing the arm relative to the machine's base, a Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35 is able to operate over a large area without having to reposition the workpiece. This saves considerable time because it is much faster to reposition the drill head than it is to unclamp, move, and then re-clamp the workpiece to the table.

Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35 is a reasonable investment for a small workshop or larger fabrication. With Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35, the size of work that can be handled is over 55mm on cast iron as the arm can swing out of the way of the table, allowing an overhead crane or derrick to place a bulky workpiece on the table or base. By having this CE certified drill, you can have the versatility by combining it with vise, secured directly to the table or base, or is held in a fixture. Power spindle feed is nearly universal with these machines and coolant systems can be conveniently attached. Powered with 1,5 HP motor, Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35 is highly regarded by its reliability on working with tapping and drilling on alloy, iron plate and mild steel.


Rong Fu Light Radial Drill RF-35 Features: