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Ojiyas Inner Diameter Air Jet IA Type

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SPESIFIKASI Ojiyas Inner Diameter Air Jet IA Type

Ojiyas Air Jet IA Type

Ojiyas Air Jet IA Type: nozzle position is 8-20mm from the top point, for measuring through holes

Ojiyas Air Jet IA Tech Specs

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Here are some displays that you can use with air gauges:

  1. Sylvac D70A
  2. Acquest CAG-3000
  3. Ojiyas ad-L8

If you wish to learn more about air gauges, you can read about "Introduction to Dimensional Air Gauging" on our blog.

You can find out more about the complete Ojiyas range of products by viewing the Ojiyas Catalog on our support page.

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