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Moore & Wright Large External Metric Micrometer 210 Series

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SPESIFIKASI Moore & Wright Large External Metric Micrometer 210 Series

Moore & Wright External Micrometer MW210  Series Ordering Guide:

Code No.Range (mm)Resolution (mm)
MW210-01 100-125 0.01
MW210-02 125-150 0.01
MW210-03 150-175 0.01
MW210-04 175-200 0.01
MW210-05 200-225 0.01
MW210-06 225-250 0.01
MW210-07 250-275 0.01
MW210-08 275-300 0.01


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Moore & Wright Large External Metric Micrometer 210 Series are manufactured to conforms with DIN 863 for your snappy and handy application on measuring precision workpiece in toolmaking, fixtures, bolt, and many more. Moore & Wright External Micrometer MW210 works by using ratchet mechanism to interpolate the measurement. This economical micrometer have flat or blade type anvils which are highly useful for measurement on external diameter of abrasive workpiece, thickness of fiberglass workpiece, metal sheet, press-flattened workpiece, corrugated galvanium plate, thickness of binded workpiece, welding joint, metal stamping QC, ceramic castings and many more.

Moore & Wright External Micrometer MW210 Series are made of forged steel with satin-chrome scale and smooth blue enamel finish on its dial grip for your many times of accurate measurement. This classic micrometer gauge is highly regarded by many fabricators who wishes for a reliable tools at affordable price in daily routines as in fiber boat-building industry, metal-press workshop, houseware and civil engineering and general engineering as well.

Moore & Wright External Micrometer MW210 Features: