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Sylvac Digital Micrometer S_Mike PRO IP67

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SPESIFIKASI Sylvac Digital Micrometer S_Mike PRO IP67

Sylvac Digital Micrometer Dimensions:

Sylvac Micrometer S_Mike PRO

Sylvac Digital Micrometer S_Mike PRO Ordering Guide:

    903.0300 903.0600 903.1000
 Measuring range  mm 0-30 30-66 66-102
 Max error G 1)  µm 3 4 5
 Repeatability 2)  µm 1 1 1
 Anvil types  Ø6.5 Ø6.5 Ø6.5
 A  mm 38.5 74.5 110.5
 B  mm 27.5 43 60
 C  mm 63 75 75
 D  mm 11.5 12.5 13.5
 E  mm 63 85 106
 F  mm 176 231 270
 S_Connect: Proximity USB / RS232 / Digimatic / Wireless 3)
 IEC 60529 protection IP67 with or without connector
 Setting by PC Yes
 Adjustable measuring force 5N / 10N 10N (5N on demand)
 Non-rotating spindle Yes
 Fast movement  Yes
 Smart Inductive Sensor Yes

1) according to DIN 863
2) ± 1 digit
3) Sylvac cables. See accessories category

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Sylvac External Micrometer S_Mike PRO is manufactured in conformity with DIN 863. It enables users to conveniently interpolate measurements which allows for repetitive readings and better sensor lifetime usage. The main body frame is made of stainless steel with smooth grey enamel finish for protection against corrosion, scratch and temperature difference which can cause fluctuations in accuracy, especially in an open-design fabrication yard. The innovative Sylvac External Micrometer S_Mike Pro works by using a precision ratchet mechanism which ensures constant force is applied to provide a consistent gaging for every interpolation of the measurement. Furthermore, you can also send the measured data via Bluetooth connection to either smartphones or computer spreadsheet software within a 20-meter radius. You can also use this device for improvised gaging rig with Sylvac's gaging multiplexer software.


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