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Moore & Wright Dial Bore Gauges 316 Series

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SPESIFIKASI Moore & Wright Dial Bore Gauges 316 Series

Moore & Wright Dial Bore Gauges 316 Series Ordering Guide:

Code No. Range (mm) Resolution (mm) Resolution (inch) Measuring Depth (mm) Measuring Depth (inch)
MW316-01 6-10 0.01      
MW316-02 10-18 0.01      
MW316-03 18-35 0.01      
MW316-04 35-50 0.01      
MW316-05 50-160 0.01      
MW316-06 160-250 0.01      
MW316-12D 35-160 0.001 0.0005 200 8


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About the Product

Moore & Wright Dial Bore Gauges 316 Series is made to take accurate shopfloor bore and internal diameter measurement. The internally spring-loaded ball shaped contact points (plunger) are carbide tipped. It is crafted for durability and expands in the bore or groove. This classic measuring device has its 2-point touch symmetrical anvils that protrude from the gauge body that are connected to the dial mechanism.

You can measure various diameters of bore and easily center it by gently rocking it back and forth as it moves the anvils in or out with respect to the measurements. This simple gage has a slipping mechanism to center and takes the feel out of the device. This in turn increases reliability between measurements. The measurement given is the mean diameter of the three anvils, and for the 160 mm range it is good to 0.01 mm.

With a resolution of 0.01mm, the Moore & Wright Dial Bore Gauges are simply economical and highly regarded in the fabrication of water pipes, fiber - PVC pipes, valve and non-crucial tubing, combustion chambers and many more. However, for higher level of accuracy with practical data record and connectivity on PC, you might also want to consider our Sylvac bore gauge.