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Koyo-Sha Micro-Polinet Sheet For Lapping Polish

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Koyo-Sha Micro-Polinet Sheet is devised for consistent finish and predictable performance through use of patented method of manufacturing on a uniform polyester mesh sheet (polyester backing). The microfinishing works very well on various type of surface as they are made of precisely micron graded minerals. This micro finishing films are highly applicable for either automatic machine polisher or hands-on manual as you can size each sheet according to your requirement. 

Koyo-Sha Micro-Polinet Sheet have up to 13 selectable type of grit which are color coded to choose from. The mesh line feature will avoid clogging and stickiness which may occur on comparable lapping products. This precision coated abrasive consumable is highly regarded for processing and polishing in various fabrication range from precision mould, aerospace tool-making, general engineering to consumer product finishing.


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For further details on Koyo-Sha Micro-Polinet Sheet, 

kindly contact our sales department.