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Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet For Lapping Polish

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SPESIFIKASI Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet For Lapping Polish

Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet For Lapping Polish Ordering Guide:

Product Name Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet
Type *

S, F, N, M

S : No backing treatment
F : Dianet with film
N : Pressure sensitive adhesive
M : Dianet with velcro
Backing Open-meshed synhtetic fiber
Abrasive D (Diamond for industrial use)
Bond R/R (Resin bond)

Available Grit Size

  #80 #140 #170 #230 #270 #325 #400 #600 #800 #1000
Grit Size
Color Black Green white blue Violet Orange Moss Green Sky Blue Yellow Red

Available size:

100mm x 100mm, 50mm x 100mm, 200mm x 200mm, 85mm x 125mm and 300mm x 300mm (Max)


For further details on Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet, 

kindly contact our sales department.

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Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet is devised to provide a uniformly consistent finish and constant sanding ability. Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet have up to 10 selectable type of grit to choose from. The abrasives quality itself will lasts till the changing of its colored coating. Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet is made of a polyester sheet which then coated with precisely graded diamond for luster finish to meet your strictest quality assurance and fabrication standards.

Depends on your application, wet operation is highly recommended as its high-luster diamond coating will show your work-piece characteristics even better. This precision coated abrasive consumable is highly regarded for fine processing and polishing in various fabrication range from precision mould, tool-making, general engineering to consumer product finishing. However, if you are looking for much finer grade with smooth surface, you might also wants to consider Koyo-Sha Micro-Polinet sheet.


Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet For Lapping Polish Features:


For further details on Koyo-Sha Dianet Sheet,  

kindly contact our sales department.