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Kordt Thread Profile Inspector CORDinspect

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Kordt Thread Profile Inspector CORDinspect is an optical thread testing device. Measuring range of this device from 3 to 16 mm with parallel and angular work-piece compensation. This automated thread testing center works similarly with optical scanner with major improvement on controlled torque for easy application and programmable parameter. Kordt Thread Profile Inspector CORDinspect is equipped with touch screen application which allows easier access on any number of audit records and programming set up which can also be created by an administrator. You simply secure the examined fastener, drill bit or whatever workpiece within 16mm diameter on its collete chuck which can also be turned and precisely configured within its vernier scale. Then, using the Thread-calculation program Cord8win can be read setpoints or entered manually. For a log is a log file available, which records all measured data.

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