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ILIX 6631 - Machine Tap GG DIN 371

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ILIX 6631 - Machine Tap GG is a German made machine taps with reinforced shank for ISO metric coarse thread as per DIN 13. Ilix 6631 taps are made of the finest HSS cobalt which produces higher toughness and hardness. In addition, it is available with TiAIN Futura coating and uncoated model for affordable alternative in cutting material.

The application of ILIX 6631 - Machine Tap GG DIN 371 includes TiAlN Futura Coating for dry tapping, HSS-Co (5% Cobalt coating), also the uncoated model. ILIX 6631 - Machine Tap can perform blind as well as through hole borings. Ilix 6631 taps are applicable for cast iron and non-ferrous materials, such as grey cast iron, spheroidal cast iron and thermoplastics with organic or inorganic fillers.

ILIX 6631 - Machine Tap GG DIN 371 application areas :

  • Grey cast iron
  • spheroidal cast iron
  • Zinc alloys
  • Thermoplastics
  • PDF catalog can be downloaded here (50 MB)

SPESIFIKASI ILIX 6631 - Machine Tap GG DIN 371

ILIX 6631 - Machine Tap GG DIN 371



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