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ILIX 6114 - Twist Drill VA DIN 345 Series

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ILIX is the specialist for holemaking and high-precision cutting tools. Ilix offers a wide product range of high-quality, precise and effective products for different tasks; from dry machining with high performances twist drills (VHM) to thread production or reaming even in hundredth increment sizes. Ilix provides highest precision for today’s most demanding applications.

ILIX 6114 is s Twist drills with Morse taper shank made of HSS. ILIX 6114 drills are made to conform with DIN 345 standard with the finest HSS cobalt which produces higher toughness and hardness. Depends on your coating selection and cuting speed, you can drill steels with a tensile strength up to 1.000 N/mm2, cast steel, grey cast iron, malleable cast iron, nickel brass and graphite. This jobber lenght series are available from 10mm diameter up to 50mm with tipping angle of 130° for both ILIX 6114 (HSS) & 6115 series (carbide coated) and tipping angle of 120° for 6204 series (solid carbide).

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