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Euromex Clinical Digital Refractometer RD.5712

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Euromex Digital Refractometer RD.5712 is devised for measuring clinical applications as Serum Protein, Specific Gravity of Urine and Refractive Index. Euromex Digital Refractometer RD.5712 is calibrated at 20° Celsius to compensate temperature fluctuation. Thanks to its handy and compact form factor has made Euromex Digital Refractometer RD.5712 become a highly sufficient device on laboratory or field observation for the measurement albumin and globulin within the index of refraction (refractometry).

Euromex Digital Refractometer RD.5712 works by using the principle of reflective light intensity from the incident angle which then measured by a high-resolution sensor array. The long-life LED light source illuminate the refractive index of the observed specimen as the basic determination of the critical angle of total reflection. This intense light is focused onto a prism surface via lens system. Then, interference filter guarantees the specified wavelength and measure the reflective light intensity from the incident angle whilst compensating the temperature variances and correction of observed specimen (Automatic Temperature Correction sensor).

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