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Diatest Gear Gauges DIA-COME C3 Series

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SPESIFIKASI Diatest Gear Gauges DIA-COME C3 Series

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Diatest Gear Gauges DIA-COME C3 Series are devised as a flexible gaging center to measures the external and  internal diameter of precision gears, spline gears, rings, tapered holes, couplings and various type of fastener. Engineered for a superb accuracy of ±0.002 mm, the bench top gaging DIA-COME will cover a total measuring range of I.D. from 35 – 450 mm and O.D. from 0 – 420 mm. Due to its sturdy construction, the measuring tables DIA-COME are suited perfectly for use in workshops.

The instrument has two fixed anvils with one movable measuring contact. Measuring range of the moving contact is 20 mm, whereas the fxed measuring contact can be adjusted to adapt to measurements Mi or Ma. Conversion for measurement of diferent sizes (Mi) and to change from internal to external diameters is very fast and easy. Travel is transferred directly 1:1 to indicator unit to provide quick and unbiassed response. Virtually all types of indicators with clamping of 8 h7 can also be used, also inductive and incremental probes, PC, DIATRON or printers. Measured values can be transferred wireless to PC by using an appropriate indicator. However, you will need an indicator for external measurements to display the values correctly.

Your investment on Diatest Gear Gauges DIA-COME Series, will allows your operator to work faster as it does not require a master to set the gauge on every job. The balls anvils are made of carbide for both durability and consistency. Many ball diameters are available on stock as well as roller anvils. For daily zero setting, you can simply use measured sample components or setting masters. Depends on your preference, mechanical and digital indicators storing the MIN-value can also be used and delivered on request.

Additional application kits (Kits) provide solutions for the most common measuring tasks, e. g. for small diameters from 11.5 mm I.D., Flat bottom, ball anvils or recesses. Many different measuring tasks (for example inside and outside grooves, concentricity or tapers) can be checked thanks to the wide range of accessories. Diatest Gear Gauges DIA-COME is zero-set at the factory and ready for use on factory floor ranges from the aviation and aerospace industry, mould casting and jig making, the automobile and hydraulics industry, medical industry as well as general engineering.

Diatest Gear Gauges DIA-COME Series Features: