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DeFelsko PosiTest Adhesion Tester ATM 20 Set

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SPESIFIKASI DeFelsko PosiTest Adhesion Tester ATM 20 Set

  DeFelsko PosiTest Adhesion Tester Ordering Guide:


Model (Order Code)





 Dolly size and stand off*

20 mm

50 mm

20 mm

50 mm

 Typical Applications

Coating on metal

Coatings on concrete, 
wood and plastic

Coating on metal

Coatings on concrete, 
wood and plastic


0.7 – 24 MPa
100 – 3500 psi
100 – 7550 N

0.4 – 3.8 MPa
50 – 560 psi
100 – 7550 N

0.7 – 20 MPa
100 – 3000 psi

0.4 – 3.5 MPa
50 – 500 psi


0.01 MPa (1 psi)


±1% Full Scale

*Optional 20 and 50 mm Accessory Kits allow each model to be used with alternative dolly sizes. Custom 10 and 14 mm dollies are available for special applications (compatible with 20 mm stand off).

Every PosiTest Adhesion Tester pressure system is calibrated and certified to ± 1% accuracy using NIST traceable load cell

Self-aligning aluminum dolly enables accurate measurements on smooth or uneven surfaces

Hi-grade, industrial pressure sensor ensures continued accuracy

Conforms to national and international standards including ASTM D4541/D7234, ISO 4624/16276-1, AS/NZS 1580.408.5 and others


DeFelsko PosiTest Adhesion Tester Specification :


Dapatkan Penawaran Harga

Silahkan isi formulir di bawah ini untuk mendapatkan penawaran harga terbaik dari tim kami,

DeFelsko devised PosiTest Adhesion Tester for quality inspection on adhesion of a coating or several coated sample of any paint product is measured by assessing the minimum tensile stress needed to detach or rupture the coating perpendicular to the substrate.

Compared to other method, DeFelsko PosiTest maximizes the tensile stress, as the test is done by securing loading fixtures (dollies) perpendicular to the surface of a coating with an adhesive. Then the DeFelsko PosiTest is attached to the loading fixture and is then aligned to apply tension perpendicular to the test surface. The force that is applied gradually increases and is monitored until a plug of coating is detached, or a previously specified value is reached

DeFelsko PosiTest are sturdy with an environmentally sealed, metal enclosure, heavy-duty hydraulic pump and a hi-grade industrial pressure sensor, both the Manual and Automatic PosiTest AT are built to last and can be used indoors and outdoors and in all types of weather. DeFelsko PosiTest are applicable to test rugedness of coating on boiler pipes, steel structure, tubings (depends on the curvature and surface uniformity), durability of painting or protective flim, remaining life assesment of coated steel prducts and many more. Altermatively, for adhesion tester with auto sensing and highly precision action, you might also wants to consider DeFelsko-Automatic-Adhesion-Tester-PosiTest-AT-A

DeFelsko PosiTest Adhesion Tester features: