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Chennai Metco Auto Mould Mounting Bainmount-P

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SPESIFIKASI Chennai Metco Auto Mould Mounting Bainmount-P

Chennai Metco BAINMOUNT-H Auto

To mount the sample in a plastic mould for convenient preparation

Corrosion resistant steel cabinet with built in hydraulic system and individual power pack and cylinder.

Digital Temperature Indicator and digital timer with LCD Display System

Hydraulic Fully Automatic system

Stainless steel body Pressure Gauge system

Quick Ram return to speed up reloading

Dovetail slot for easy changeability of Mould Assemblies

Water Cooling System (Automatic)

Timer-Buzzer indication for heating and cooling cycles

Wide range of sample sizes can be accommodated

Two moulds can be simultaneously prepared using Dual Mould Spacer

Easy mould change 1 1/4", 1 1/2"dia and 2"dia

Heater 1200 Watts

Water cooling system

1 Dimension: 490 X 620 X 520 mm

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Chennai Metco provide the complete solution for metallography and metallurgy inspection by various methods of grindingpolishing, and etching.

Chennai Metco BAINMOUNT P Auto is the best choice for hydraulic specimen mounting press. Chennai Metco BAINMOUNT P Auto is devised for a hot mounting press of specimens (at around 200 °C) using either in a thermosetting plastic (e.g. phenolic resin), or a thermosoftening plastic (e.g. acrylic resin) meticulously for easier handling before grinding and polishing it on any Chennai Metco BAINPOL model. 

BAINMOUNT P Auto High speed heater, direct reading pressure gauge, timer with buzzer at end of cycle. Suitable for labs with moderate size of samples. Automation offers reduced manual intervention for improved consistency. Chennai Metco BAINMOUNT P is also equipped with LCD displays indicators as it is convenient in handlings of the specimen on moderate queue.

After the desired specimen is properly prepared by Chennai Metco BAINMOUNT H Auto,  the next step will be grinding and polishing it on Chennai Metco BAINPOL so that the metallographic structure of specimen can be observed and measured in detail with Vision engineering TIM5 or digitaloptical, or electron microscopy.