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Annn Yang CNC Lathe Machine DY-530~730C X

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SPESIFIKASI Annn Yang CNC Lathe Machine DY-530~730C X

 Annn Yang DY-530~730C X model



DY-530C DY-630C DY-730C
Machining capability Distance between centers 1000 / 1500 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000
Swing over bed 530mm 630mm 730mm
Swing over cross slide 310mm 410mm 510mm
BED Width 435mm
Main spindle Spindle nose D1-8, 104mm: L:50-300, H:300-2000rpm

D1-11, 130mm: L:50-300, H:300-1500rpm

Spindle bore
Spindle speed (rpm)
Spindle taper MT10 or MT15
Travel Cross travel (X axis) 360mm

Longitudinal travel (Z axis)

700 / 1200 / 1700 / 2700 / 3700mm
Feeds X axis rapid traverse 5M/min
Z axis rapid traverse 7.5M/min
Cutting feed rate 0.001-500mm/rev (0.0004”-20”/rev)
Motors Main motor 20hp
Inverter 20hp
X axis servo motor Siemens or Fanuc or Fagor AC servo motor FXM53 / 2.49kw . 11.9Nm / 2000rpm
Z axis servo motor Siemens or Fanuc or Fagor AC servo motor FXM73 / 4.36kw . 20.8Nm / 2000rpm
Oil pump 80W
Coolant pump 1/2hp
Hydraulic tank pump (optional) 3hp (2.2kw)
Tank capacity Hydraulic tank (optional) 20L
Lubrication pump 2L
Ball screw X axis diameter 25mm / pitch 5
Z axis diameter 50mm / pitch 10
Tailstock Quill diameter 90mm
Quill travel 203mm
Quill taper MT5

Length (mm)

3390 / 3890 / 4390 /5390 / 6390
Width (mm) 2180
Height (mm) 1730
N.W (kg) 3500 / 3650 / 3800 / 4100 / 4500
Above specifications are subject to change without notice. Special requirement please connect with us.

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Annn Yang provides solid and high performance CNC lathes with one-piece cast iron bed. The lathe machine comes with heat-treated guideway and extra supporting guideway or box way to offer maximum rigidity, precision and stability. With excellent R&D ability and assembly technology, Annn Yang produces both standard sizes of CNC lathes and customized CNC lathes such as big swing lathes, big spindle bore lathes, heavy duty lathes and special-purposed lathes.

Annn Yang CNC lathe machine models are capable of working on rollers, shafts, oil pipes, train wheels, windmill shaft, etc., for many different industries. The CNC lathes can be equipped with big spindle bore up to 640 mm, also available for C axis with hydraulic brake, Y axis, B axis, U axis, live tool turret, power turret, milling attachment, power chucks, hydraulic chuck, air chuck, pneumatic chuck, programmable tailstock, hydraulic tailstock, multi-function turning, milling, grinding, drilling, boring, etc. With actual production experiences and references around the world, Annn Yang is one of the most capable CNC lathe manufacturers.

Annn Yang CNC lathes are also flexible. It can adapt to different brands of CNC controls such as FANUC, SIEMENS, FAGOR, MITSUBISHI etc. PC Based control like CENTROID, DYNAPATH, SYNTEC, EZITURN are also available.

Annually, ANNN YANG MACHINERY CO., LTD manufactures over eight hundred units of milling and lathes machinery annually, with reliable quality as demanded by customer of 40 countries. Recently around the world,  ANNN YANG machinery owns the markets share of 50% in Europe, 40% in North America, and 10% in other areas. 

Annn Yang DY-530~730C X is a reliable lathe machine for any scale of fabrication. This includes heavy duty applications and micro-machined parts that are measured in microns. Annn Yang DY-530~730C X is focused on operational efficiency, suitable for precision work. The machine's capabilities include automation, low vibration, high durability of motors and safety features.  Annn Yang DY-530~730C X model will allow you to work smarter and continuously meet your production targets.