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MEP Shark 660 CNC HS 4.0 Automatic Bandsaw

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SPESIFIKASI MEP Shark 660 CNC HS 4.0 Automatic Bandsaw

660 mm 660 mm
Max. vice opening 670 mm
Band size 8400 x 54 x 1.6 mm 
Blade motor power 15 kw - Three-phase
Blade rotation speed 15 ÷ 200 m/min
Capacity of coolant tank 340 L
Height of working table 890 mm


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Shark 660 CNC HS 4.0, dual-column electromechanical automatic band sawing machine for 0° cuts of structural, stainless and alloy steels, solids and profiles. In addition to the automatic cutting cycle, it can also operate in semi-automatic mode. 


Absolute Efficiency


Features of MEP Shark 660 CNC HS 4.0:

Adaptative Saw Head Down Feed Rate

Self-regulation in real-time of head down feed rate according to type of material or blade wear.


Material Library for The Automatic Setting of The Blade Rotation Speed and Head Down Feed Rate

The material library allows the automatic setting of the blade speed (S) and head down feed rate (F) according to the type of material.


Floating Bar Feeder Vice

The bar feeder vice is self-aligning in order to feed even non-straight bars.


Motion Of The Saw Head On Linear Guides

Motion of the saw head powered by a pneumatic cylinder for an auto-check of all data set/recorded so as to adjust cutting parameters in real-time, counterbalancing through a hydraulic cylinder to give the machine cutting stability, and Ø 32mm ball bearings screw nut to ensure a mechanical vibration reduction during the cut.