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Hawkeye Pro MicroFlex Flexible Borescopes

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SPESIFIKASI Hawkeye Pro MicroFlex Flexible Borescopes

Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Specifications


Direction-of-View 0º for all models
Field-of-View 0.5mm scope: 55 FOV
0.9mm scope: 55 FOV
1.5mm scope: 70 FOV
Depth-of-Field 0.5mm scope: 1-3 mm
0.9 mm scope: 2 –5 mm , 1mm for the 90 deg. scope
1.5 mm scope: 3 – 10 mm
Distal Focus Fixed focus lens set
Tube Diameter 0.5mm, 0.9mm, 1.5mm
Working Length 0.5mm scope: 600 mm
0.9mm scope: 1000 mm
1.5mm scope: 800 mm
Insertion Tube Bend Radius 0.5mm scope: 1.5”
0.9mm scope: 2.5”
1.5mm scope: 3.5”
Articulation None
Tube Construction Black Polymide
Operating Temperature 0º to 170º F (-18º to 77º C)
Watertight Insertion Tube Up to 1 atm/1 bar (14.7psig); approx. 30ft water depth
Note 1 The handpiece is splash proof only.

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Hawkeye® Pro MicroFlex Flexible Borescopes .020 – .059″ dia. (0.5 – 1.5mm dia.)

The excellent image quality Hawkeye® MicroFlex Flexible Borescopes deliver, in these very small micro diameters, is nothing short of amazing! You can access even the smallest opening, and utilize a 9-inch bend radius when the entry path is not straight.

The polyamide-sheathed 0.5 model has a 3,000 pixel fiber imaging bundle, and the 0.9 mm model has a 10,000 pixel fiber imaging bundle. The plastic-sheathed 1.5 mm has a 30,000 fiber bundle. The eyepiece is easily replaced with a video adapter to use a C-Mount camera.

Quickly and easily inspect cooling holes inside turbine blades, cannulas, catheters, needles, trocars, valves in medical devices, and many other micro manufactured parts.