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Chester Chieftain Lathe Machine

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SPESIFIKASI Chester Chieftain Lathe Machine

Model 16 Series 18 Series 22 Series 26 Series 30 Series
Centre Height  210mm 230mm 280mm 330mm 335mm
Swing over Bed  410mm 460mm 560mm 660mm 770mm
Distance Between Centres 1000/1500mm 1000/1500/2000mm 1000/1500/2000/3000mm 1000/1500rpm/2000/3000mm 3000mm
Swing over Carriage  250mm 290mm 360mm 420mm 575mm
Swing over Cross Slide  250mm 290mm   420mm  
Swing in Gap  640mm 700mm 770mm 870mm 1050mm
Gap Length in Front of Face Plate 200mm 200mm 230mm 230mm 230mm
Cross Slide Travel  280mm 280mm 310mm 360mm 430mm
Top Slide Travel  100mm 100mm 145mm 145mm 145mm
Width 340mm 340mm 405mm 405mm 405mm
Spindle Nose D1-8 D1-8 D8 D1-8 D8
Spindle Bore  80mm 80mm 105mm 105mm 105mm
Taper Reduction in Sleeve MT7 MT7 113mm 113mm 1:20 113mm
Number of Spindle Speed Ranges 12 12 12 steps 12 12 steps
Range of Spindle Speeds  25-1800rpm 25-1800rpm 36-1600rpm 36-1600rpm 36-1600rpm
Quill Diameter  75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm 75mm
Quill Travel  130mm 130mm 150mm 150mm 150mm
Quill Internal Taper MT4 MT5 M.T.5 MT5 M.T.5
Feeds Range and Gearbox     
Longitudinal Feeds  0.041-2.476mm/rev 0.041-2.476mm/rev 0.063-2.52mm/r 0.028-6.43mm/rev 0.063-2.52mm/r
Longitudinal Rapid Feeds     4.5m/min    
Cross Feeds  0.016-0.991mm/rev 0.016-0.991mm/rev 0.027-1.07mm/r 0.012-2.73mm/rev 0.027-1.07mm/r
Cross Rapid Feeds     1.9m/min    
Metric Threads  0.5-20mm ,23steps 0.5-20mm 23steps 1-14mm/46 1-14mm 22steps 1-14mm/46
Imperial Threads  1.625-72t.p.i.,65steps 1.625-72t.p.i.,65steps 28-2T.P.I/26 2-28t.p.i.,25steps 28-2T.P.I/26
Module Threads 0.25-1024steps 0.25-1024steps 0.5-7M.P/18 0.5-7mm,18steps 0.5-7M.P/18
Diametrical Threads  3.625-96DP,45 steps 3.625-96DP,45 steps 56- 4D.P /24 4-56DP, 24steps 56- 4D.P /24
Pitch of Leadscrew  6mm 6mm   12mm  
Main Motor  5.63kw(7.5hp) 5.63kw(7.5hp) 7.5kw(10.05hp) 7.5kw(10hp) 7.5kw(10.05hp)
Rapid Motor     250W    
Coolant Pump Motor  90w 90w 0.09kw(0.12hp) 90w 0.09kw(0.12hp)
Weight And Dimensions     
Floor Space  2310x1100x1275mm 2310/2810/3220x1000x1295mm 2500/3000/3500/4500X1100mm 2500/3000/3500/4500x1100x1450mm 4500X1100mm
Net Weight 2488kg 2688/2835/3055kg 2400/2650/2900/3250kg 2500kg 4000kg

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Chester Chieftain Lathe Machine

These lathes are some of the most popular in our range for their multi-application disciplines and for sizes available. Chester Machine Tools are global suppliers of an extensive range of world renowned CNC and Conventional machine tools. All the machines that Chester supply are built to a very high standard.




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