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Widia HC Hydraulic Chuck Sleeves

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SPESIFIKASI Widia HC Hydraulic Chuck Sleeves

Widia HC Hydraulic Chuck Sleeves with Safe-Lock™ and Smart Coolant (Metric) Ordering Guide:

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Widia™ offer high-precision ERICKSON Hydraulic Reduction Sleeves which are specially designed for clamping of straight cylindrical cutting tool shanks. The self-sealing design enables efficient use of through-coolant cutting tools when the cutting tool shank completely engages the full gripping length of the sleeve. The design features Four-wall pocket provides insert stability for accelerated feed rates and increased productivity. Furthermore, the HC collets support through coolant standard for improved tool life, hole finish, and chip removal.

There are 6 different models to choose from, Each model is specified with outer-inner diamter with respective metric or imperial measurement and for hihger end model with Safe-Lock and smart coolant feature to accomodate cutting tool shank holding requirement of at least L9 dimension. WDIA collet chuck solution upgrades fabricator's performance and final part tolerance as well as working faster and save working hours.

Your investment on Widia HC Hydraulic Chuck Sleeves will allow you to work with precision parts demanded by Aerospace, die/mold and many other industries which encounter high-strength, difficult-to-machine materials requiring high torques, feeds, and forces. Hence, the danger of milling cutters being pulled out of the tool holder as the extreme forces has significantly increased.


Widia HC Hydraulic Chuck Sleeves features: