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Trimos Digital Height Gauge V8 Series

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SPESIFIKASI Trimos Digital Height Gauge V8 Series

 Trimos V+ Series Digital Height Gauge Ordering Guide:


 Trimos V8 Series Digital Height Gauge Ordering Guide:

Code No.   V8 400 V8 700 V8 1100
Measuring range mm (in) 406 (16) 710 (28) 1109 (43)
Measuring range with extension mm (in) 724 (28) 1028 (40) 1427 (56)
Max. permissible errors, BMPE µm 1.2 + L(mm)/1000
Repeatability, RMPE (2s) µm 0.5 (Ø:1)
Frontal squareness deviation, SMPE µm 5 7 11
Maximal Resolution mm (in) 0.001 (0.000005)
Measuring force N 0.75 ÷ 1.5
Autonomy h 12
Interfaces   USB / RS232
Air cushion   Yes
Weight kg 22 25 34


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Trimos Digital Height Gauge V8 Series is genuinely optimized for accuracy, repeatability, practicality,  and ruggedness. The V8 offer larger 2-line LED dark display of exceptional contrast in all lighting conditions. With touch-display and lateral insert holders, these universal instruments were able to ease your routines on complex measurements, such as 2D, programming, statistics, with a substantial increase in productivity.

These height gauges may also be used to measure the contour, straightness, height or internal diameter of an object by using the underside of the scriber as the datum. The datum can be permanently locked or provisioned to adjust the scale, which is done by sliding the scale vertically along the body of the height gauge. Then with the scriber set to the same level as the base, the scale can be matched to it. Trimos V8 Series Digital Height Gauge also allows different scribers or probes to be attached such as a dial tester, as well as replaceable and ease the re-calibration process in the future.


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