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Tosok Dimensional Air Gauge MG 2200 Series

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Tosok Dimensional Air Gauge MG 2200 is devised as a relative measuring instrument that can measure the dimensions of a piece of work using flow of compressed air at 0,3 - 0,7 MPa (megapascal). Its 10 measurement program can be manually configured by turning the knobs and simply by plugging different type of air probes to cater your desired specs. Equipped with both dial and digital display, you can also compare different type of probes with distinctive tolerance simultaneously on both readings. The versatily of Tosok Air gauge MG 2200 is further supported by data connectivity via RS-232C line for either improvised installation of foot switches or combination of jigs and multi-gauging rig on a busy production line.

Tosok Air gauge MG 2200 works by using the principle of back pressure which is amplified in proportion to a small clearance indicated on the display. Unique adjustment functions allow for accurate magnification adjustment over a wide range. High pressure air blows off dust,oil to ensure accurate measurement and quick response. Unlike column type display which is not practical for multi-probing, Tosok Air gauge MG 2200 Series can also be combined with several type of air probe sensor for crosschecking results on various workpiece and testing sequence.

Tosok Air gauge MG 2200 Series are intended to measure the precision work of piece such as combustion chamber, turbine, flanges, valve and many other system which need delicate measurement without direct contact on the surface. The highly versatile Tosok air gauge micrometer is the ideal investment for quality measurements on the production floor as they offer highly versatile measurement for both pass/fail test and precision comparison. However if you are looking for much affordable alternative with basic display functions, you might also want to consider Tosok Dial Dimensionl Air gauge MD Series.

TOSOK Digital Dimensional Air gauge DAG2000 Features :

  • Displays a combination of Analog and Digital result.
  • Direct improvement of Tosok MD-24M.
  • One touch master coordination
  • The high pressure air type allows for a wide clearance between the measuring probe and object, hence offers a wide measuring range and prolongs the probe life.
  • The precision regulator and amplifier relay assures accurate measurement, stable indication, and very quick response.
  • Magnification can be adjusted over a wide range, and anydesired measuring range can be obtained simply by changing the scale board.
  • Several models of different magnifications,from low to high, are available.
  • The dual indicator has two pointers(black and red), facilitating the correlation of dimensions of two parts to be seen easily.


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Tosok Dial Dimensionl Air gauge MD Series.

TOSOK Digital Dimensional Air gauge DAG2000 Features :