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TOSOK A/E Transducer series

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The second difference is that Tosok A/E Transducer deals with dynamic processes, or changes of active features (e.g. crack growth). Tosok A/E Transducer series are able to discern whether developing or stagnant defects is significant, hence, real time indication relating with strength or flaws of the inspected workpiece as it displayed unto Tosok PEG2000.

Other advantages of Tosok A/E Transducer series include prompt and complete volumetric inspection using multiple sensors, probes can be mounted permanently, no need to disassemble and clean a specimen also the measurement data can be directed to display units to provides adequate loading for propagating defects and triggering acoustic emissions. Tosok A/E Transducer resolve structural issues on remedial solutions and repairs accordingly. 

Tosok A/E Transducer series devised for a reasonable investment with uncompromised capabilities. In-line with the demands of today’s AE market, the sensors can be ordered with specific features to meet any project or application.