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Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine

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Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine is optimized for measuring forms, pattern, design and shapes for soft and sensitive work-piece where mechanically touching probe is not possible. Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine deliver a superb versatility in processing and comparing various type of workpiece with its CAD design. Powered with the latest CCD imaging processor with three distinct light sources, the Sylvac Visio 200 Visual Measuring Machine allows you to individually set the observation parameter on the software.

Thanks to its precision granite frame and patented column construction, the Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine is your perfect multitasking and multi users solution for wider field of view up to 15x9.5mm. This smart scanner ease multiple part inspection on PCB soldering pattern, pass and fail test on alignment of high precision injection mould sockets, semiconductor and IC fabrication, deformity on lithium ion battery pack, fuel cell, small mechatronics, solar cell and many other brittle or chemically heat sensitive work-piece.

Your investment on the new Sylvac Visio 200 GL visual measuring machine will unlocks the higher level of precision without demanding the additional cost on human resources. The technology in the Sylvac Visio 200 GL visual measuring machine is actually a major improvements from digital tool maker microscope. The test object which lies on a glass plate support is inspected by means of an optical system fitted with a digital camera and additional zoom-like lenses. Then, Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine runs the image analysis and light illumination towards the part being inspected.

Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine have three modes of light illuminations: Diascopic illumination mounted under the glass plate, to make it possible for the user to view the part profile, Ringlight for a detailed visualisation of the upper surface of the part being checked and finally, Coaxial light to view inside a blind bore or a cavity or to measure cylindrical parts in upright position. The laser pointer will then serves for locating, at a glance, the measurement area on the part lying in the object field of the camera. Using beam separators, the coaxial light can pass through the zoom.

Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine Features:

  • Compact, ergonomic design with optical zoom of 30X to 70X.
  • Larger field of view up to 15x9.5mm
  • Machine base and column is made by granite for superior stability assurance.
  • Intuitive, user-friendly software interface made easily accessible which requires no additional cost on the human resources.
  • Laser pointer for enhanced ergonomics.
  • 3D skew alignment option (3-2-1).
  • Sylvac Vista software with CAD comparison function and the ability to record, store and report the testing sequences for review.
  • Measuring volume X/Y/Z (mm) - 200 x 100 x 150.
  • Optics - Available with a manual indexable zoom or a motorised zoom for greater comfort.  Also provided with a CCD colour camera.
  • Available with manual or motorised zoom model (GL Series).
  • Light iluminations - All light sources are fitted with LEDs producing a cold light, also long-lasting with 3 selectable modes:
    • Diascopic illumination for checking profiles as well as for transparency based measurements as in optics, lenses, lamp diffuser, light reflectors.
    • Ringlight (4 x 90°) for inspection on millings, bores, chamfers and rounded edges.
    • Coaxial light for blind bores and cylindrical parts.


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Sylvac Visio 200 GL Visual Measuring Machine 




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